No Cost Risk-Management
for Commercial Properties

Presented by D&M Roofing and Siding

  • We will keep 24/7 watch on any and all of your commercial properties
  • We will assess and address all damages literally within hours with emergency services after a storm
  • We do this at 100% no-cost to you. It is our way of building trust with you & earning your business!

The best way to learn more about our No-Cost Risk Management Services is to attend a short Zoom Presentation with Eric, owner of D&M Roofing. Please click below to schedule a time and learn more:

Property Management Companies we have worked with:

More Property Management Companies we have worked with:
JGC Investments

HOA's we have worked with:

Hillsborough Townhome Association
Milltown VillagE Townhomes

Commercial Companies we have worked with:

Aesthetic Surgical Images
LEEP Properties
Bauer Built Tire & Service
Craftware Pottery
Storage Mart

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

Thank you for your consideration of D&M Roofing! We have been successfully serving customers since 1965 in the Omaha and Des Moines communities, and we are confident we are the right choice for your roofing needs.

My name is Eric Oberembt and I am the CEO and President of D&M Roofing. A true family business, D&M Roofing is a team of highly experienced roofers founded by my grandfather, who taught me the importance of leading by example. My team has built a reputation for exceeding the expectations of all our clients by focusing on doing things the right way every time — no matter what!

This focus has allowed us to work with an impressive list of clients in the local area, including a number of property management companies and HOA’s. We understand the unique problems faced by our larger scale clients and are focused on providing effective, timely long term solutions, not just one-off projects. Our customers are not simply sales to us, they’re friends.

The D&M Roofing team also specializes in helping property owners navigate storm damage claims. Our experience and existing relationships in this space mean that when damage exists, we can work to ensure your carrier will pay in full, whether for just repairs or a full roof replacement. This means peace of mind for you and less money out of your pocket!

Thank you again for your consideration of D&M Roofing for your roofing needs. We look forward to the chance to show you why our team is the only roofing contractor you need.

-Eric Oberembt, Owner