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D & M goes above and beyond when it comes to customer satisfaction. During the major summer wind storm, some of my siding had blown off of my house. Tanner from D & M dropped a card off after driving by and noticing the damage. After a lengthy process (of no fault of D & M) working with my insurance company we were able to get the entire house re-sided. Tanner met with the adjuster and was patient enough to meet with me several times until we had everything perfectly lined out. We ran into a couple of small snags along the way regarding materials (I chose a special order color) but they were on top of everything and most importantly, making sure I was 100% satisfied. It was a big leap to go from such light colored siding to a dark color but…My house is completely transformed and I LOVE IT!!! Tanner ended up moving on before completion of the job but in his absence, Anthony stepped in and the transition was seamless! This is a great company with great employees. I couldn’t be happier with the new siding and my choice to go with D & M! Both Tanner and Anthony were absolutely awesome to do business with!